"In life you meet people who touch the deepest parts of your heart and soul! One such man created an amazing story of our family and captured the beauty of the love we share. Manu, you are truly amazing".

Hola! My name is Manu and I'm a London, Winchester, Southampton, South East and Hampshire area wedding photographer based in Fleet, Hampshire. I also cover the UK, Spain and every where I can find a beautiful LOVE story.Here you will find what I do love the most: LOVE STORIES. I photograph people who love each other and I am very fortunate being the witness of so much love around me.

My couples say that I am talented and different, that I capture special moments they didn't notice during their wedding day, and my favourite: that my style is extraordinary, very recognisable and romantic.

So, if you are a romantic and you're looking for something different let me know about your LOVE story, tell me who you are (I mean, not just your name!) and most importantly: what makes you tick

Take a look at some of my LOVE stories and find more info about me and the process below the images!






Creating extraordinary wedding photography in Hart, Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth, New Forest, Gosport, Waterlooville, Farnborough, Fareham, Portchester, Eastleigh, Andover, Havant, Fleet, Hook, Petersfield, Hartley Wintney, Camberley and Basingstoke. Let's face it, Hampshire is one of the most beautiful counties I've ever seen. I don't know, it has something special. Maybe, that's why many couples from London decide to find a stunning wedding venue here in Hampshire for their wedding. Amazing wedding venues such as The Four Seasons in Dogmersfield or The Elvetham, between Hartley Witney and Fleet.

I moved to Hampshire almost 4 years ago and I'm very glad I did!. This is my home county now and is peaceful and lovely. I run consultations in person with couples in Fleet, Hampshire. During your consultation you will be able to meet me well, to see if we're a good match for working together and also I will have the opportunity to know more about you as a couple and about your plans for your wedding day. Some of my couples are really busy and they can't come to meet. In those rare occasions we Skype or FaceTime to have a relaxed chat about their wedding photography. And I say rare because I encourage my couples to try hard and find some time for coming to meet me in person. Why? Well, due to my personal style I do prefer meet the couples I work with in person. I do think you should meet your wedding photographer in person because your wedding is a very intimate event and If I were getting married I would like to have on my wedding day only the people I do trust.

Additionally, I have several wedding suppliers I've worked with before and I trust. Therefore, if you're looking for an amazing and 'different from the rest' kind of florist, an elegant and professional tailor, a beautiful bridal shop or boutique, the perfect wedding venue or even wedding invitations and 'Save the Date' cards with a different vibe, just let me know. I can put you in touch with amazing wedding vendors. And the best is that we share one thing in common: we've got a different style, an exquisite customer service and we go the extra mile for you.

If you have any questions or you want to know more about the process don't hesitate to book your free consultation, contact me or check the frequently asked questions page.



I also photograph stunning weddings in London. From Westminster to Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith , Fulham, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Islington, Camden, Brent, Ealing, Hounslow, Richmond, Kingston, Merton, Sutton, Croydon, Bromley, Lewisham, Greenwich, Bexley, Havering, Barking, Dagenham, Redbridge, Newham, Waltham Forest, Haringey, Enfield, Barnet, Harrow and Hillingdon. If you're getting married in London, Manu Mendoza Wedding Photography will make it even more special with romantic, dramatic and beautiful images of your wedding day.

If you need to know more about my London weddings don't wait and book your free consultationcontact me or check the frequently asked questions page.



Another very popular county to celebrate weddings because of its beautiful venues, its stunning countryside and its connections with London. I love to create beautiful wedding photography in Camberley, Croydon, Guilford, Sutton, Woking, Dorking, Farnham, Kingston upon Thames, Kingston-on-Thames, Virginia Water, Worcester Park, Richmond, South Croydon, Surbiton, Wellington, Walton-on-Thames, Chessington and Weybridge. If you're planning to have a Surrey wedding be sure that I will create something really special for you and your partner, something that you will be proud to show and share with your family and friends for years to come, and something that your families' future generations will heritage and love for a lifetime.

Would you like to know more about my Surrey wedding photography? Why don't you just book your free consultationcontact me or check the frequently asked questions page?. I'm here to help you so don't hesitate to let me know if you need anything.



Living in the Hampshire's border let photograph weddings and connect with couples in other counties such as Berkshire. I live 20 minutes from Reading so I would love to take your wedding photos in Ascot, Bracknell, Crowthorne, Earley, Eton, Hungerford, Maidenhead, Newbury, Reading, Sandhurst, Slough, Thatcham, Windsor, Wokingham and Woodley. Whether you're organising a Berkshire wedding or maybe just looking for the perfect Berkshire wedding venue I can help you. I'm well known for creating stunning wedding portraits, dramatic and artistic wedding photographs and even able to capturing moments others simply can't see. If you really want something different, something special just keep reading, dive into my images and enjoy my LOVE stories.

Excited? Please, I need to hear from you! A good start point would be to hear about your wedding plans, your wedding venue and above all, to hear and know more about you, your partner and the LOVE story you share. Book your free consultationcontact me or check the frequently asked questions page.


Whether you're planning your same-sex wedding in Hampshire, London, Surrey, Berkshire, any other part of the UK or even abroad, I would love to hear from you! If I had to choose the thing that I'm most proud of my wedding photography would be the relationship that I share with my couples. How I make them feel during their engagement session and during their wedding day. It doesn't matter where you're from, if you're gay or straight, your gender or your background. The only this that matters to me is LOVE. Beautiful and unique LOVE stories to tell through my images, that's what I'm always looking for.

I'm sorry, but I don't like to make a distinction between my same-sex / gay and my straight couples. They are exactly the same to me, they share a beautiful LOVE story and I live to tell it, to come up with exciting images that you want to hang on your walls and to share with your family and friends again and again. Same-sex wedding photography is not different at all so, if you don't think the same I'm afraid I'm not the right wedding photographer for you.

My same-sex couples look for something different, somebody that makes them feel comfortable, somebody that understands them and somebody that treats them with no difference. Let me tell you, I'm that person.

Several of my gay couples have one thing in common, they sometimes kind of feel uncomfortable showing their love in public places, for example during their engagement session. Actually, my last couple were that way. We went to London for their engagement photos and it was crowded. At the begging they were like, omg this is too much, people are looking at us all the time! But I tell them, don't worry, it's always the same. When people see somebody with a professional camera photographing a couple this is what happens, people are naturally curious. Anyway, 30 minutes after we started they forgot about it because they were enjoying the experience. They just had eyes for each other and they forgot about people looking at them. They just loosen up. Days later, when they saw their engagement photographs they were in shock because initially they thought the photos wouldn't be that good because of their nerves. But no, their engagement images reflected how they love each other, how they enjoy each other's company and their engagement pics in London are really beautiful. They really are!. After that, during the wedding day, I was over the moon because lots of their guests approached me to say how much they love the engagement pics of the couple and that they would love to have something similar that reflects their LOVE story on an album, on their walls or just on their Facebook profile.

So, if you see yourself reflected into this mini-story don't think twice, send me a message so we can start working together on what will be a special and unforgettable experience. Come on, book your free consultationcontact me or check the frequently asked questions page.



Ok, I have to admit it. I do love to travel. You may or may not know that I'm originally from Madrid, Spain. And here I am, living in the British countryside . A different country, different culture, different language... and I do love it!

In just a couple of months, I will be telling a beautiful LOVE story in Spain, in a very special location. And it's something that I want to do more and more. So, if you're getting married abroad in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Iceland or in any other beautiful country let me know.

I'm running a very special offer for destination weddings during 2016 and 2017, and it's very very special because I usually don't do discounts or offers and it's like: ok, where do we have to sign?! So please, if you're getting married abroad let me know as this offer is the one you can't miss. I would love to tell you more about it but first, you've got to book your free consultation or contact me!

What are the advantages of booking a UK-based wedding photographer instead of a local one? Well, quite simple. If you book a UK-based wedding photographer you will have better and easier communication with him/her. Also, if you have any problem, you will be able to sort it out with no fuss here in the UK and I swear, everything is just way less complicated. Organising a wedding abroad is already quite stressing so, having one problem less to worry about it's worth it.



My pricing is quite simple but depends on the location of your wedding and the coverage you need. Starting from £999, every experience / package includes a stunning Queensberry Album, an Engagement Session at that meaningful location for you both, all the edited high resolution digital files (with a copyright release for personal use so you can print as many as you want) of your wedding and engagement session in a beautiful USB memory (Barcelona Experience only), a slideshow of your wedding day, an online gallery which you can share with your friends and family and even they will be able to purchase prints from, and credit to purchase additional awesome products such as prints, fine art prints, parent albums, frames and canvas.

If you want to know more about my packages: Barcelona, Madrid and Seville Experience take a look at the packages page. Also, there you will find more info about what I photograph during a typical wedding day. But let's face it, the best way to know more about the packages is coming here to meet me. You will be able to touch and feel my stunning wedding albums and we will talk about every aspect of your wedding photography with the help of a coffee, tea or a glass of wine 😅.






One of the questions I often come across is to describe my approach to capturing a LOVE story. I prefer to say LOVE story rather than wedding day because I just don’t capture your big day like a photojournalist, I capture a whole story. From the beginning of the day to the end, focusing on the smallest details, those who are almost unnoticeable and others can’t see. And not just on the wedding day buy also on the pre-wedding or engagement session. I don’t try to be unnoticed on your big day, I simply am. I’m just another guest and I will be hidden among them. That’s the method I use to capture beautiful and unrepeatable moments you will share with your loved ones for a lifetime. Additionally, I do believe in casually posed portraits. After the ceremony, I like to spend an hour alone with you both (depending on the available time) taking some artistic candid shots.


If you take a look at my logo it says in Latin “Si vis amari ama” that means “If you want to be loved, love”. I know what it’s love, I love and I’m really fortunate to be loved in return. I do love wedding photography because thanks to the love stories I tell through my images, I've at last found something completely meaningful to work with, something that could thrill with just a glance. That’s my aim, to thrill and to be thrilled by my clients, being a witness of their love story.


I don't take the typical shots (except "family formals"). I'm always pushing myself to go the extra mile, to stay fresh. I love to shot through different objects and play with reflections, light and shadows to create artistic and dramatic images. Additionally, thanks to my fashion background I know how to find your best image and I have a clear idea about how to use and control the available light.

On the other hand, I believe in giving to each of my couples an all inclusive and dedicated experience, with special care on the albums, prints, canvas and frames I deliver to them. All my products are from high-end companies, designed to impress and thrill.


When we meet for the very first time I will want to know some details of your wedding day and overall, what aspects are important for you both. Days later, if you decide to give me the privilege of documenting your wedding we will start the experience. A contract and a form are sent to you to fill online. On the form you will find some questions about you both: how you met, details about your wedding, required "family formals" etc...

Then, a timeline is designed and discussed two months prior your wedding. Two weeks before your big day we go through the timeline again to adapt it for the last time changes. And finally, after your wedding, we will meet for the last consultation where you see all your wedding images for the very first time. I will help you to make some decisions for your wedding album and we'll pick the most beautiful images. One month later you will receive your beautiful wedding album but I will stay here for you. Ultimately, from the first consultation to years after the wedding... I will be here.


They are people who appreciate photography and they are willing to invest in memories. Some of them are shy, some of them don’t like to have their picture taken while others are more extroverted. They come from different countries, they have different cultural backgrounds and finally, they love his/her partner regardless of gender. They have one thing in common, they have never worked with a professional photographer before but they want to have their LOVE story documented in a unique, extraordinary and artistic way.



I'm sure you're expecting to read about how professional and experienced I am, how good I am at what I do and those sorts of things because is what you came across searching for a wedding photographer. Well, first advice: you shouldn't care about that. This is not about me, not about your photographer. This is about you, your partner, your family and your friends. Look, I'm not the typical wedding photographer. This is about LOVE above all, about special and unrepeatable moments. About memories, about LOVE STORIES. That is what I love to do, to tell beautiful love stories through my images. Read more about me on the ABOUT ME page.

I would love to hear from yoU

Drop me a line, ask any question you may have or just say hello!