Last week I had the opportunity to visit Beaconhill again and you know what? It's mushroom season!

We found lots of mushrooms but we didn't pick any of them up. We saw several signs saying it's forbidden. I assume it's because the number of amanitas right now, you can find them everywhere and many of them are really poisonous. Nevertheless, I think you have to know what you're doing if you pick mushrooms; doesn't matter if it's forbidden or not as is kind of dangerous.

If you haven't be there I recommend you to give it a try. It's peaceful, there are a couple of beautiful ponds and miles of beautiful paths through the woods. It's a military area though so if you find something suspicious don't touch it although I have never seen anything but deers, ducks, rabbits and dragonflies 😅. You can find directions on Google Maps.

Well, enjoy the pictures bellow and as always don't forget to comment in the comments section. Have you been there? Did you enjoyed it? What's your favourite part?

Until the next post!


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