As you may know I was born in Madrid, Spain. Every christmas I come back to celebrate and enjoy holidays with my family. Last December was really great: mild weather, sunny days and good company. I don't usually take many photographs during holidays you know... 'holidays' :D

However, my aunt ask me to take some photographs of her dog Rambo, and who does't like dogs? I love photograph animals, so I said: Let's do it. 

Another day we decided to visit a new chic restaurant in the city, called Yakitoro. The restaurant is run by a famous Spanish cook, Alberto Chicote. He does the same role as Gordon Ramsy on the Spanish version of 'Kitchen Nightmares'.

The restaurant serves a modern version of 'tapas' with oriental flavours, mixing some of the traditional Spanish dishes with new ingredients and techniques from the oriental cuisine. Totally recommended if you visit Madrid but remember to book a table because is always full! We were very lucky because christmas bookings were a nightmare and we decided just to pop in and try. Luckily, a friendly waitress found a table for us and we had a lovely lunch. Very lucky indeed!

You can find more info about Yakitoro Restaurant on its website clicking here.

After lunch, we had a walk through the city center, visiting the most touristic places: Gran Via (The biggest avenue of Madrid, where you will find theatres, musicals and shops), Calle Preciados (the biggest commercial area), Puerta del Sol (where spaniards celebrate new year's eve with twelve grapes), and finally Plaza Mayor (Madrid's big square, where the traditional christmas market takes place every year from the beginning of December to the 6th of January).

Despite all the food we had for lunch, we ended up having some 'chocolate con churros' to finish an amazing day.

I enjoyed last christmas a lot, I really did. I am so happy living in the UK, but it's always nice to come back to Spain to spend a couple of weeks with family and friends, isn't it?

Have you visited Madrid? Did you enjoy it? Feel free to comment below.

Enjoy the pictures!


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