This weekend has been awesome. Here in England, we were expecting some horrible weather but it turned out to be one of the best and sunniest weeks ever. So we decided to take advantage of it and visit some lovely places such as HMS Victory in Portsmouth, West Wittering beach near Chichester and of course the Fleet Food Festival. However, even though I grabbed my camera -as always- I decided to chill out a little bit and have a break so I just took some images of in Portsmouth which you're seeing on this post and some portraits of Kaalu in the beach which I will upload soon. Therefore, I'm sorry but this year there are no images of Fleet Food Festival ( I decided to enjoy some Pimms and lovely food with my friends :D).

So let's dive into the HMS Victory...


I needed to take a look at this gorgeous ship from the XVIII century (or as you brits say, 18th-century :D). I'm gonna have the pleasure of shooting an engagement session in this very location, so stay tuned and visit my wedding blog to see it soon. And what can I say? The restoration has been done really tastefully. When you come aboard you have that feeling of being transported to another time.

HMS Victory is best known as Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 when Vice-Admiral Nelson decided to break the enemy line of the Franco-Spanish alliance. The ship was badly damaged in the battle and was not able to move under her own sail so HMS Neptune towed her to Gibraltar for repairs. Additionally, Nelson was killed during the same battle as he was shooted on Victory's Quarter Deck when the French tried to board her.


The ship was moved to a dry dock in Portsmouth in 1922, where you can visit it. Restoration works are still going on but don't hesitate to visit it if you have the chance because it's worth it. You can visit the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard or the HMS Victory website for further info and tickets.


As always, enjoy the images and don't forget to share or comment below!


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