Brighton was my first holiday destination in the UK. Several people recommended me to visit the city because of its nightlife, cultural activities and beaches. There are lots of thing to do and lots of things to see such as the Royal Pavilion or Brighton Pier.

Another place that I found quite interesting is the Brighton West Pier. The remains of the West Pier caught my eye instantly mainly because I didn't know nothing about it. I wasn't aware of its existence and neither of its interesting history. It was built in 1866 by Eugenius Birch and has been closed since 1975. During a storm in December 2003 the structure suffered a serious partial collapse when a walkway connecting the concert hall and pavilion fell into the sea. On 20 January 2003 a further collapse saw the destruction of the concert hall in the middle of the pier and on 28 March 2003 the pavilion at the end of the pier caught fire. As the walkway was collapsed, fire crews were unable to save the building. On 11 May 2003, another fire broke out, consuming most of what was left of the concert hall.

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