Today I want to share with you some pictures I took in Budapest, Hungary. It was cold, very very cold, like -3ºC... But the thing is that we didn't expect such a beautiful and interesting place when we decided to visit it. Actually, that month we were very stressed because we were getting ready to move to the UK and we needed some kind of distraction... so what better than a short trip to a place which you don't know much about it! I mean, we knew about Budapest and its history but not as much as Paris or London for example.

We stayed in the city center and visited places such as Buda Castle Hill, Holocaust Memorial Center, Chain Bridge, the Parliament, Matthias Church, the Royal Palace, Heroes' Square, the Great Synagogue and the Buda caves. Even we had the opportunity to attend to the Budapest Opera House (a gorgeous building) to see 'Der fliegende Holländer' (The Flying Dutchman) by Richard Wagner.

Finally, we enjoy a relaxing day in the 'Széchenyi Baths' with its healing and warm waters (outdoors) while it was snowing... amazing!

Enjoy the pictures and comment bellow!



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