Today I'm so happy to share here on the blog Amy & Andrés' destination wedding in Spain. Do you want to do a destination wedding? Do you want to plan the perfect wedding abroad? Keep reading because this wedding is everything! 

How did they meet?

They were both going to the same gym class (body pump) for around a year and nearly exchanging glances through the steamy mirror. Actually, Amy thought Andrés was strange because he always wore layers whilst exercising and has since found out this was to make him sweat more. Anyway, one Thursday evening after a body pump class Andrés finally plucked up the courage to approach Amy and this is what he said: Hi, I didn't want to mention it at the time but you were doing your push ups wrong! After a brief chat about this (Amy feeling rather silly) fate took over and we bumped into each other in the local pub and the rest is history. Jokes aside, they fell in love quickly and their relationship is a perfect mix of fun, passion and friendship and they couldn't wait to experience the roller coaster of life together.

Why Spain?

Andrés family is originally from Guatemala, but his parents moved to Potes (Cantabria, Spain) many years ago. He had such a god memories from the north of Spain when he was younger and they thought that the gorgeous scenery and mountains there would be perfect for their wedding. They decided to go for a church ceremony in one of the oldest monasteries in Spain, 'Santo Toribio de Liébana'. Even though Amy is not religious, she fell in love when she saw the monastery surrounded by nature and the stunning mountains. To be honest, the chapel and the surrounding area where the monastery is situated is quite impressive.

Obviously, celebrating a wedding abroad brings even more pressure to the couple. Planning is even more difficult as you have to handle things in England and in Spain. Managing guests accommodation during the wedding, booking vendors there, the language barrier etc... but it was definitely worth it.

At the end, they decided to go for a whole weekend and entertaining their guests with touristic tours in the area. And we can't forget the food, omg... that was from another world... a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

The wedding

The majority of the decorations and flowers were made by the couple, family and friends so, they noticed that they wouldn't be able to fly to Spain with everything. Therefore, they decided to drive from Hampshire to Spain with all the things they would need to make their wedding perfect. To make it more manageable, they came up with a route through France stopping in beautiful places to have a rest and enjoy the trip and the whole experience.

I flew from Heathrow to Bilbao with all the equipment and I rented a car to drive to Cantabria which took me a couple of hours. I have to say that only that was a whole experience because it's been a long time since I drove a left wheel car :D and the roads to get to the wedding location were basically cliffs and lanes. But the journey was epic. Such a beautiful landscapes and vistas.

When I got to the venue (a traditional but refurbished northern hotel - Hotel Valdecoro) Amy was setting everything up with the help of her mother and bridesmaids. She was starting to feel the nerves and we reviewed the timeline for her wedding day. She was going to get ready at the hotel, in a beautiful suite but she also wanted to go to a hair salon in town to get her hair done with some flowers. She was a little bit worried because she's still working on her Spanish and she asked me for help to explain to the hairdresser what she was after. 

All their family members were at the hotel as well. People from England (Amy's family), from Guatelema, Spain and even Panama (Andrés' family). That night they all have some drinks and food together before the big day.

The following day (wedding day) looked like a summer day, even though it was the end of October. Sunny, almost 30ºC... couldn't be better. The getting ready was really emotional. All her bridesmaids helping her, her mother and obviously when her father saw her all dressed up. The dress she was wearing was a cream laced vintage mermaid wedding dress, a stunning one. After some makeup, we headed off to the hair salon, where we had a funny anecdote. She wanted some curls and she brought some pictures with her to show to the hairdresser. The hairdresser didn't speak English but when she saw the picture she started to do her thing right away. Some minutes later, when Amy looked at her in the mirror I knew something was wrong and she told me: Manu, I look like a doll, could you ask them if this is it?! At the end, the hairdresser told me that she was just marking the curls and that she will loosen them up in a bit. When I told Amy she was quite relieved! When they finished, she looked stunning with the flowers (which the groom's mother prepared). The flowers were sort of embedded at the back of her head.

Then, we headed off to the hotel again to put the dress on and finally to the monastery. The ceremony was lovely. The chapel looked amazing with the flowers and all its own character from the 5th century. After the ceremony, they had a cocktail outside to make the best of the weather. Then some family shots and then we took a Land Rover to go to the top of a mountain to get some amazing images of them together.

We were running an hour late so after some pictures we head back to the hotel where the reception took place. Finally, they had a little bit of mingling with friends and family and they looked relaxed (at last).

And to end an amazing day, they enjoyed some awesome and tasty northern Spanish food and puddings and obviously some drinks to celebrate after the first dance.

The following day they got up early (even though they went to bed at like 4 am) to go for a tour to visit beautiful places in the area with some family and friends. But it was my time to head back to England :(

And that's it! Enjoy the images and don't forget to share the post if you like it and comment bellow!

Hope you like it.


Manu xx

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