Thank you. Thank you to each and everyone of you. 2016 has been incredible. And 2017 it's gonna be even better.

But it's not easy. Actually, it hasn't been easy to get here, to square one. Especially, when your job has something to do with creativity... do you know that inner voice? the one that tells you that you're not good enough? that you're not gonna be able to do it? Of course you do, we all have to live with it. Some time ago, I decided to stop listening to that voice (and to others) and to do something very different. Something special, something unique... something that people would love or hate. Listen, when we're talking about art I'm not an 'in the middle' type of person. Creativity makes me be here or there, but never in the middle. Sometimes, I'm lost like any other person, but right after that, I act, I decide... Actually, I was lost time ago when I was flirting with fashion and I didn't know it, but I was unhappy.

Even a couple of days ago that lady commented on my social media something like: your pictures are nice...but why all the photos are so obscured???

Well, they are obscured because I want the viewers to focus on the subject, on that kiss, on that romantic glance or on a special moment that I could see and maybe other didn't... In my view, photography is not about taking a picture of a whole scene and giving importance to every single part of the image. Photography is about telling the story of a subject, couple or group of people, focusing on what really matters and letting the landscape, room or whatever in a second place enhancing the whole scene. But the main subject is always my couple and of course: LOVE.

A lot of amazing things have happened to me during the last year: I meet wonderful couples, people with dreams, people who give up their jobs to find new paths, people who love each other unconditionally, people who make things to make this world better, people who fight for equality, people obsessed with snapchat (yes, I'm hooked too), people who fight for this country, people who defend this country, people who doesn't lose their spirit despite come what may, people who create beautiful art and people who believed in me. I've seen people laugh, I've seen tears, I've felt the same they did... I witnessed love, pure love... and you know what? This is just the beginning and I'm so in love with it.

The thing that has made me happier than anything is to see the faces of my couples after they see their images during the viewing appointment, when they see their wedding album for the first time and when they can't believe how beautiful they look. The final test has been to see my couples using their favourite images for their profiles on Facebook... I know it could sound like a little thing, but for me means the world...


I'm so looking forward to this wedding season because if it's at least as lovely as last year's, it's gonna be awesome!

I'll leave you with some of my favourite wedding images of 2016, hope you enjoy them!

And don't forget, feel free to share or comment!


Manu xx



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