Do you know that feeling when you meet someone special? Well, on this occasion was a special couple. And to be honest, I've got the same feeling with all my couples. Let me explain myself; I'm working with feelings here... as I always say, this is not about my photography, nor my style... this is all about expressing feelings, capturing them. Therefore, this is quite intimate and not everybody is that open in order to express their feelings. That's why having a connection with the couples I work with is so important. Even though an engagement session is always weird the first half an hour, if they are comfortable and if they know and trust me, the magic always happens.

I met Chantelle and Stephen couple of years ago when I was starting this new adventure, during a wedding fair. Something caught their eye and months later they came over for a consultation. I did remember them from the wedding fair because they were really kind to me (I was bloody nervous during that wedding fair because it was my first one I must say 😆). We talked long about their wedding plans and then something clicked. They even wanted me to photograph them and their two beautiful daughters before their engagement, so a month later I was photographing all of them in a lovely family photo shoot at Portchester Castle. When they came over again to see their family session it was rather special. They saw what my work is about in first person, how love and feelings can be attached to images and the difference between a pretty picture and a picture you can feel.

So, you can imagine this time during their engagement session they were quite confident and looking forward to seeing their images. They chose Portsmouth Dockyard as their special location for their engagement and of course, it was a lovely afternoon in the company of such a lovely couple.

Enjoy the images, click on them to see them bigger and feel free to share and comment bellow! Also, you can watch a slideshow of the day bellow.


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