You know, I've got such an amazing job. Well, it does not feel like a job to me, to be honest, it's more like a hobby or... let me put it right: something that I enjoy so much it's impossible to say is a 9 to 5 job. And one of the best parts of my 'hobby' is that I have the opportunity to meet amazing people and visit so many different and beautiful places. Several times, places I've never been to, which is something that I love because I get to discover new beaches, parks and beautiful locations every month.

This time, Charisse and James had a lovely and special place for them in mind: St Catherine's Hill in Winchester, Hampshire. A place I didn't know much about, apart from some of my friends telling me it was really beautiful at sunset (and you know I love a sunset 🌅😎).

It was hot, like 26ºC or so (come'on this is England, that is hot for us) and even though we had to climb like two thousand steps to get to the top of the hill (ok, maybe some steps less) and we were out of breathe when we get there I could see the potential of the location . It is perfect, you can't ask for more!

Charisse was pretty nervous, like any other person at the beginning of a photographic session to be honest. It always happens and I tell this to all of my couples: the first half an hour is gonna be weird, don't worry. After that, you will begin to forget about me and you will enjoy it. Time flies! James was more relaxed about it though, but at the end we all had fun and it was what I call a 'perfect one'. An engagement session with a lovely couple, who love each other no matter what and you can see that feeling in every single image!

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Manu xx


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