FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY IN HAMPSHIRE: The importance of family portraiture

You may know that I'm mainly a Wedding Photographer, but sometimes I go out of my comfort zone and I do something really special for my clients. In this case, one of my couples, Chantelle and Stephen who are getting married soon asked me to take some portraits of their lovely girls, Aurelia and Alana. We came up with the idea of having a lovely session in Portchester Castle as they fell in love with an engagement session I photographed there some time ago.

Your family photos will be the perfect heirloom for your children


To me, family portraits are extremely important. Yes, I'm a photographer but forget about it for a moment. It's the person writing now and no the photographer, I promise. Sometimes we forget about taking pictures of our family and that's a huge mistake. Nowadays we've got a camera with us all the time, that phone which you use everyday and is full of pictures of your children, your partner, your friends and family... but, would you hang one of those pictures on one of your walls? Do you really enjoy seeing those pictures on your phone?. Teaching your kids family values is a must and having something that they can see, touch and feel in the future as an heirloom is something that most of us forget to do.

Family portraiture for a lifetime

That's the main reason why portraiture is so important, even more nowadays. We've got all our images in our computers, phone or tablets. the problem with these devices is that we tend to forget about that pictures. However, if we display our favourite family's portrait in a beautiful frame in our living room it's difficult to forget about it. Don't you remember those pictures of your mum and dad? And what about their wedding album?. Think about it. Time goes by so fast and we barely notice. Photography brings us the opportunity to capture a moment forever and we ought to take advantage and use it to remember how we were and our roots.

A kiss to remember

On the other hand, there are some people (I include myself) that are camera shy or simply don't like to be photographed for some other reasons. Now don't think only about you. Think about your children. Wouldn't be great for them to have something which makes them look back? To see where they come from, to see how their first years were, how happy they were... It could be a beautiful and timeless family album, a stunning frame hung in your living room or a beautiful canvas in the nursery.

Thank you very much indeed to the Canneys for such a lovely time with them and also for inspiring me to write this post. We talked a lot about this subject yesterday and we came up with the same conclusion: Photograph your love ones and keep alive those unrepeatable moments.


Enjoy the Canneys family photos and feel free to share this post or comment below. I would love to hear what you think about it!

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