Hannah and Richard at their favourite spot in Portchester Castle

When I meet a couple I do everything I have to do to make them feel special and I think this time wasn't different. I feel fortunate to take part of Hannah & Richard's Engagement Session. When a client asks me: Where should we do the Engagement Session? I always reply the same: Where did you meet for the very first time? Where was your first kiss?. For me this is extremely important, choosing the perfect setting for your first contact with a professional photographer. 

This lovely couple had their first kiss at Portchester Castle, a beautiful and impressive setting in the southwest of Hampshire. Therefore, we decided to arrange the engagement session there to capture meaningful images for the couple.

Do you want to know more about Hannah and Richard's LOVE story? Take a look at what they told me about it:

"We first met at Fareham College in 2008 and were friends for 8 months before going on our first date. It should be noted that in those 8 months it took me 2 months to remember her name, in the mean time I simple knew her as "You". Hannah also started calling us a "single couple" before we started going out. Portchester Castle is very important as it is the first place we met outside college and were we had our first kiss and started going out soon after. It has been somewhere we have spent a lot of time together since then as it is local to Hannah and has some great views and spots to relax".

Also, the couple had some lovely kind words for me, thanks a lot guys!

“We found Manu very polite, friendly and approachable. Being our first time with a professional photographer he made us feel very at ease with a good sense of humor. At first we felt awkward as we have not been with a professional photographer before but, in a very short time Manu made us very comfortable and the time enjoyably and fun. We thought the photo’s were high quality and he was quick to find the potential of what can be done in a room and got the best angles of us. We were very happy with his work and was a pleasure meeting him”.

Enjoy the pictures and feel free to comment below!

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