Danesfield House Hotel in Marlow-on-Thames is not just beautiful, classy and perfectly located next to the river Thames... it has something I'm not sure I'm able to describe with words. See the pictures to find out what I mean! From the stunning bridal room to the different big rooms to host the perfect wedding reception... when I was there I was truly speechless.

On the other hand, Hannah is not just one of the most beautiful brides I've ever photographed (when my mum saw the pictures she thought Hannah was a model and the wedding a styled shoot... epic!), she is also smart, kind, tough when she has to be tough and a talented make-up artist. Actually, she is the only bridal make-up artist in my list of recommended wedding vendors. Everytime I see her, her make make-up is like... flawless! Let me tell you, I worked with a lot of make-up artists during fashion and wedding shoots but she is the best by far. That's why she won the best make-up artist award during the regional Wedding Industry Awards last year.








They've known each other since they were about 20/21. James lived with Hannah's best friend and they clicked straight away. Both felt an attraction to each another but they were both in different relationships (oh my!). As time went on they became very good friends, even overtaking the friendship that her friend and James had... but again, they both still liked each another but were in relationships. The time came when Hannah organised a trip to see James in his home town. As soon as she came to his house she knew she would be back there again, having a sense of deja-vu. James was told by Hannah's best friend that she was single (cheeky friend 😚) and he soon promptly ended his relationship and they started going out with one another. The ease of going out with one of your closest friends made their relationship so much stronger and they had total respect for one another. Soon into the relationship, she fell pregnant. They were over the moon to have a mini hybrid of themselves and they didn't feel it was too soon to have a child together, it just felt right to them. Their little one arrived into this world on her birthday. Throughout the labour and some complications afterwards they are stronger than ever. Soon after that, James proposed in Iceland on Feb 2016 at a famous waterfall.


Photographing their LOVE story has been such a privilege... and this not about fancy venues or amazing wedding dresses. This is about people, couples madly in love, the stories behind that, their fails and successes and having the opportunity of knowing a person through taking a portrait. It's truly magical and I can't believe I'm so fortunate of being part of it.

Thank you Hannah & James, you're such a lovely couple and amazing parents. Also, thank you to your family and friends, they were extremely kind with me during the wedding. Can't wait to see you again soon!

Enjoy the images and don't forget to let me know what you think! Feel free to share, like or comment below. Hope you LOVE it!


Manu xx




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