As I always do, a couple of days before any shoot I check the weather, just in case. As you can imagine, in this country you never know how's gonna be the weather like as it changes constantly. I always try to choose a day with some clouds and sunshine, but obviously is not always possible. That's exactly what I did before Hayley and Les' engagement session, and supposedly that day would be like 17 degrees and a little bit cloudy. So I said to myself, lets wear a pair of jeans and a shirt and let's bring a jacket just in case. Well, when I was driving to this lovely beach they chose, next to the lovely Highcliff Castle in Dorset where they use to spend time together just to get rid of the stress, I noticed that the weather forecast was quite wrong. It was sunny and warm, but I though, well, this is Hampshire, maybe in Dorset is different (what a naive person I am).

The point is that when a couple tells you that they want to have their engagement session done at a beach you might thing that they will go for a swim, or maybe not. But when the weather is nice, the possibilities of that are higher... if you know what I mean. Anyway, we started at6 the shore taking some lovely pictures of them as you can see bellow. As always, at the beginning Hayley and Les were a little bit shy, but quite quickly they forgot that I was there and they started to have fun. By the end of the shoot they were talking about the possibility of going for a swim, and I though oh great, this is gonna be epic. But then I looked at myself and I noticed that maybe, just maybe, a couple of jeans and a shirt are not that appropriate to get into the water... but the situation was so great that I didn't think twice. I went into the water (with my jeans on) until the water was above my hips... as I said, epic. Driving then back to Hampshire was a refreshing experience though 😂.

They really enjoyed it and I'm sure they will remember that particular moment forever, as I will do :D.

Enjoy the images and feel free to comment and share!

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