How did they meet?

They met online. Les was on a military exercise in Salisbury plain and in his free time he spent hours each night talking to Hayley. They decided to meet once his exercise finished and they went for their first date in a random pub they found whilst out for a drive which turned out to be horrific. However, luckily they got on really well and it resulted in more dates. Shortly after that, they moved into their first home together and the chaos commenced with 2 dogs, 2 cats and finally 2 children. Les proposed after 8 years of living together.

The wedding day:

When I got to Hayley's place she was almost in tears. She received a gift from Les, a laptop containing a slideshow with pictures of them and their children during their 8 years relationship. Such an emotional gift. She confessed: to be honest, I didn't realise he was giving me a new MacBook until one of my bridesmaids pointed it out!

I knew she would have everything under control, she planned her wedding day properly and she was quite relaxed about it. And it was true. All her bridesmaids were there helping as much as they could, doing make-up to each other, texting a phoning the wedding vendors etc... we were on time at every step of the wedding, great!

The moment Hayley came out of her room with her dress on was remarkable. We set up everything so her mother and all the bridesmaids were waiting in the living room for the big reveal. And it was super emotional, all of them in tears. A moment to remember for sure!

After some makeup, hair done and all of them dressed up a couple of Rolls Roice arrived to get them to a local pub. She and all the bridesmaids wanted to stop there to have a shot before the ceremony 😂. The faces of the people in the pub when they saw all of them was priceless. After that, we head off to the venue where everything was decorated with images from their engagement session and their children, Ollie and Jude. They chose The Montagu Arms Hotel in Beaulieu (New Forest, Hampshire) which has a Michelin Star! so I was sure the service and the food would be unforgettable, and it really was.

The style they went for was classic but classy. Lots of candles, chandeliers, and gold. A lot of gold.

After the ceremony, we head to a pond close to Beaulieu in the New Forest. The landscape there is absolutely breathtaking. Even though a donkey tried to eat my cameras and Hayley's dress we managed to take some amazing shots of them together. When we came back to the venue we took some family portraits and then we went to taste that amazing Michelin star food.

Later on, when the speeches and the cake were done we had a sparklers moment, but the best was that they had prepared a surprise for all their guests. Keeping in mind that the wedding took place during the Guy Fawkes Night, they hired a fireworks company to do a fireworks display for them. It was so lovely...

And to call the day, after the fireworks they had a second cake. This time a Croquembouche which Les cut with the huge sword. Hayley was kind of scared about it but it was really fun. Short after that, the first dance, the party, a photobooth and an indie band. When I was heading to my car to get home I couldn't believe that the day went so quickly! 

I wish Hayley and Les the best, they truly deserve it. They are the perfect family, with two beautiful kids and now, that Hayley has obsessed me with snapchat I'm sure we're gonna see each other with one or two hilarious filters 🤡. Thank you so much for letting me be part of your wedding day and looking forward to the day you see your wedding album!

Also, I don't want to forget to thank Will Patrick, my second shooter that day, for covering the groom's getting ready so tastefully and for helping me during the day.


Manu xx

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Manu Mendoza Wedding Photography


VENUE: The Montagu Arms, Beaulieu (Hampshire)

MAKEUP: Kellie Ellen

HAIR: Hair Elegance

CAKE: Treat Me Sweet

WEDDING DRESS: Romsey Bridal Boutique


FLOWERS & DECO: Sarah Lily Flowers

FIREWORKS: Platinum Fireworks

WOODEN GUEST LETTER: Coach House Woodworks

BAND: Wayward Sons

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