This is one of the main questions I usually have from my couples? Would 5 hours be enough? maybe 8? I'm gonna try to shed some light to try to help you decide which coverage option will be perfect to tell your LOVE story. Bear in mind that I'm only talking about the coverage on your wedding day, nothing to do with the engagement session. As you may know, a 2-hour engagement session is included in all of my packages. So, for example, if you decide to go for Barcelona Experience you will have a 2-hour engagement session plus a 10 hour of coverage on your wedding day.

The options which would work best for your wedding will depend on the type of wedding you've got in mind, the location and also if your ceremony and your reception take place at different places. But first let me explain why I offer 8 or 10 hours of coverage on my wedding packages, or as I call them: experiences.

 How much time would my photographer need to photograph my wedding day?

As my goal is to create something different, unique and special for you I need to have enough time to tell the LOVE story shared by each of my couples. On a typical wedding day, I usually start an hour before the bride's make-up and hair is done or half an hour before a same-sex couple starts getting ready. Actually, I have to admit that the 'getting ready' is my favourite part of a wedding day. The emotion and nerves minutes before the ceremony, the family, the laughs, the tears... I simply love it. So, you need to keep in mind that the coverage will start a little bit before the 'getting ready' stage of the wedding. Why? Well, because I love to photograph those little details which means the world to you. For example the rings, shoes, bouquet, jewellery, gifts etc. Then comes the first look (couples who decide to have a contemporary approach), the ceremony, a cocktail, the reception, cut the cake, the first dance and the evening party. You can see and learn more about how and what I photograph during a wedding day on the wedding packages page.

 Photographing the little details on your wedding day

But don't worry because if you book your consultation to talk further about all your wedding details I will walk you through all your options and I will honestly tell you which package would be the perfect one for your wedding.

Anyway, let's break down the different coverages to help you think which one you should go for:




NOTE: I stopped offering this package in FEB 2017 as my couples didn't want only 5 hours of coverage and because as you know, my goal is to tell the whole story of your day. However, if you think that this package would suit your wedding get in touch.

 Seville Experience Wedding Photography Packages

Seville Experience is the package which includes 5 hours of coverage. This package is perfect for a half-day wedding. So, if you're planning a full day wedding this package wouldn't be for you because as you may already know, my goal is to tell your LOVE story. So if you book this particular package and you start getting ready for your wedding day at for example 11.00am, I would have to leave at roughly 4.00pm, leaving part of the story behind. And to be honest, I wouldn't like to do that. And so wouldn't you, because you'll probably regret when you see your images for the first time and you notice that there's something missing.

One of the things that I'm most proud of my business is my costumer service and the close relationship that I keep with my couples. I need them to feel at ease but also I want them to receive something stunning, something that they even don't expect. I want them to be more than happy and to achieve it I go the extra mile for them. Therefore, this is the main reason why I don't give my couples the choice of booking this package when they're planning an all-day wedding.




 Madrid Experience Wedding Photography Packages

Madrid Experience includes 8 hours coverage and it's the best option if you're planning an all-day wedding but you're on a tight budget. Typically, from the getting ready to the first dance depending on your wedding's timeline.

So, with this package, I would be able to document from the 'getting ready' to the first dance and all in between. This is my favourite package for couples who wants their LOVE story fully documented on a budget. Additionally, the 10x10 flushmount (directly printed on gorgeous art papers) Queensberry Wedding Album is truly beautiful and I'm sure you'll fall in love with it!




 Barcelona Experience Wedding Photography Packages, the most popular.

Barcelona Experience is without a shadow of a doubt the most popular package among my couples. If you want to have your wedding day completely documented from start to finish this is the way to go. Barcelona experience includes everything you need, even all your digital files. I think for most all-day weddings this coverage is the sweet spot. Even the 14x10 DUO Queensberry Wedding Album included is huge and stunning! And to be honest, there's nothing that can beat a contemporary matted wedding album like this (yes, it's my very very favourite. Obvious, isn't it?).

 Stunning Queensberry Wedding Albums included in all my packages

Bear in mind that this are the packages that I put together for the majority of my couples, but if your wedding is special and different I can tailor one only for you. For example, if your wedding is gonna take place in a beautiful location abroad or just if you're planning a 2 or 3 days event.  So don't hesitate to drop me a line or two!



  • As many consultations as you need, in person, over the phone or on Skype.
  • Engagement session at that location which means the world to you.
  • Professional Insurance.
  • My artistic and storytelling style.
  • My personal editing process, one picture by one.
  • Credit to purchase prints, albums, frames or canvas.
  • Online Gallery that tells the story of your beautiful day to share with friends and family.
  • Slideshow.
  • Travel (80 miles from Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 1ED. If your wedding it's taking place outside this range please, get in touch for a personalised quote).


Manu xx

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