Trying to find the right wedding photographer could cause a tremendous headache. There are lots of professionals out there to choose. But I’m gonna give you the most simple and soppy advice: follow your heart.

Dive into the photographer’s portfolio and choose the one you like the most. Also research about the service the photographer gives you, if they include a wedding album in their packages or not, and the quality of them.

Talking about the price: it is so personal and depends on the photographer and the service they give, but don’t trust excessive offers and bargains as a rule. A wedding photographer’s work is all consuming and a proper professional will spend a lot of hours working, not just on your wedding day but after: editing, processing and designing your wedding album. Therefore, although a photographer offers you a digital package for £1000 or less, you’re gonna get what you pay for. Don’t be very confident with the quality of the work for this price, I can’t make the figures add up.

The equipment photographers work with (cameras, lenses, computers etc…) is very, very expensive, and the materials of the wedding album are expensive too. Also bear in mind taxes, insurance, marketing, bride’s shows, renewing equipment each couple of years… so as I said, for £1000 or less, it doesn’t add up.

For example, two years ago I read a very interesting article in several newspapers about a couple who sued a wedding photographer because the photographs they received were awful. They paid £750 for their wedding photography. You can read it here. The thing is: could you imagine how the couple regret about their decision?

However, this argument depends on each client, because each one has their own budget and their own expectations. For some, the photography could be a priority, but for others not. You are the client and you should know what you need and what you can afford. There are different prices out there to choose from and even some photographers offer deferred payments.

Many friends have asked me in the past about this topic, when I was only doing fashion photography in Spain. How much do you think we have to spend on a photographer? I remember very well a case when a couple of friends hired a photographer for a ridiculous price. The photographer in question promised them to hand unlimited digital pictures from their wedding in a DVD. I told them that in my opinion, I would prefer quality instead of quantity and that they will probably have regrets when they had the pictures in their hands. I mean, it is so easy to press the shutter of the camera unlimited times, but at the end what really counts is to know when to press it. In the end, they kept the dvd in a drawer and they regretted the result of the bargain a lot. Curiously, they spent a vast amount of money in flowers to decorate the venue and the church. Talking with the bride later, we concluded that it would have been better to save some money from the flowers to spend it on a proper photographer, because the flowers withered the very same day, but the pictures are still the DVD. They are ashamed of showing their wedding pictures to their relatives and friends. Can you believe it? What a pity! I swear, it makes me mad because you can’t go back. The moment can’t be repeated and there is no solution.

In conclusion, think twice before making a decision!

Feel free to comment below and share your experiences with me.

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