Designing your wedding timeline could be a nightmare. Last minute changes and confirmations, the difficulty of fixing everything up, and several other hitches. For that reason, your timeline takes a huge role in controlling everything to not mess up your Big Day.

Nevertheless, I think it is impossible to control all the aspects of your wedding day because even though you’ve thought of everything, something will probably happen in a different way than planned.

However, trying to plan everything in advance gives you a massive advantage.

And, is the wedding’s timeline important for the photographer? The answer is yes, it is. Why? Fundamentally because each wedding is different. There are couples who choose a traditional approach and others who prefer a contemporary style. And being aware of how the wedding will be developed makes the difference.

For example the time taken by the groom and the bride to get ready, the necessary time to travel to the venue where the ceremony takes place, the travel time to the reception venue (if it takes place in a different location) etc… Additionally, the creative session is usually done between the end of the ceremony and the reception, so I beg my brides to give me at least an hour and a half to take these beautiful pictures. Although, I know that sometimes the wedding day doesn’t allow an hour an a half for this, therefore I have to adapt my work to each situation. For this reason the timeline is so important for me, and it serves as a reference to know how to adapt my work process to each wedding.

On the other hand, some weddings have special moments as a surprise that your friends have organised for you, planned emotional speeches by your relatives, or other situations. If I´m aware of these, thanks to the wedding timeline, I can be prepared in advance. Other type of moments, such as the first dance or the cutting of cake, are a must at a wedding so I will be already aware of them.

As the timeline can change several times during the months before your Big Day we will be in touch with several consultations in person or over Skype, to be sure that there won’t be any loose ends on your wedding day.

So, in conclusion: Your wedding day deserves that you bear in mind an organised (as much as you can) timeline!

Feel free to leave your thoughts below and don’t hesitate to ask any question you may have.

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