Sometimes you come across special people, and when I say special I mean it. I met Jamie almost three years ago in Madrid. It was a casual meet up in a typical tapas bar. I found him so kind and outgoing but what impressed me the most was how he speaks Spanish, impressive!  He is a natural. I don't speak Spanish with him though. I've got a rule: You must speak the language of the country you're in (if you can obviously 😅). Later on, when my partner and I moved to England we had the opportunity to meet Nick. We went to watch the latest Almodovar's film "I'm so excited" in Soho. Nick is so nice and funny that I'm more than sure they make the perfect couple. I have beautiful memories of that year... it was the first one here, new people, new language, new places, new culture... everything was new.

This session wasn't a 'normal' one, we just had 30 minutes to make it right. Yes, only thirty minutes!. It was really cold and cloudy you know, typical London weather... buy suddenly some sunshine started to show up through the clouds and voilà. I think the result is stunning bearing in mind it was late November. I would have loved to have a little more time with them but you know, they are 'Londoners' aka busy people 😆. Having said that, I'm really happy with the images and so they are!

Thanks a lot guys for being there and for being so so nice people.

Ans finally, these are some kind words from the couple:

“We were taken aback by the high quality of the photos that Manu took. He has an eye for how natural light is working and using the best that the setting has to offer. Coupled with that, he is an absolutely lovely person, good at putting you at ease and producing photos that seem to describe who we are, as individuals and as a couple.”

Enjoy the images and, as always, feel free to share on Facebook, Twiter, bla bla bla and don't forget to comment below!

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