For today's post, I bring you something a little bit different but really special. Some weeks ago I met Laura, a lovely lady who's running a new business which caught my eye: Lulabee.

She creates really special stationery and wedding invitations and even she creates beautiful decoration and centrepieces. So after a lovely chat talking about some future little projects together, I thought, why don't bring her experience to the blog? So here she is, telling her story and how special her wedding was.


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My name is Laura, and I'm going to tell you a little bit about my story, how my business Lulabee blossomed into what it is today and how I would love to help YOU!

Planning my wedding had to be one of the best experiences of my life. Growing up I wasn’t someone who thought twice about my future special day, which surprises some people as I have such a passion for organising and creating. However, once that very special question was popped (on our first night in our new home, after strenuous weeks, months even years building it from the ground up), I went into excited bride mode. You might know what I mean here… countless wedding magazines, lists galore and late nights on Pinterest.

I absolutely loved planning my wedding and knew from the start after previously waitressing at lots of weddings that were all very ‘samey’. But I wanted something a little bit different. Something personal, that reflect me and my husband Sam, to tell our LOVE story. I spent months on Pinterest and from the get go was planning on doing all the decoration and stationery myself (little I did realise how time-consuming this would be!). 

The big day arrived and all my hard work was over, and I honestly can say we had the most memorable and wonderful wedding day that we could have ever wish for. Our guests were incredibly impressed by the attention to detail. Right from the start I wanted to give my guests a taste of what's to come, and that to me is the beauty in stationery!. Not only you do get to express and create, you get to tell a story along the way right from the start. Hints here and there, glimpses of our colour themes... our save the dates were oak slices, surely that was a big enough clue that our wedding would not be traditional?. 

For the day itself, every guest had a little favour bag, put together by myself with a personal welcome message and words of wisdom for a bit of fun!. Our 9 tables were names after the years from when Sam and I met, up to the year of our marriage (2014). Every table had photos from that year and words of our memories together. I wanted my guests to feel really connected to our love story, and it really paid off. 

Decoration was something I was keen to create as well, of course with a little help here and there from Sam. Together we created the biggest cake stand imaginable, from signs to ceremony displays to little baskets of emergency bits in the toilets. I also picked blackberries with both Mums and my bridesmaids, making our own jar favours. Our wedding was very DIY. My cousin Ben and his fiancé Adrien (from Bahbua) made my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, so everything felt very personal.

A month or so before the wedding I was told someone had booked in to marry the day before us, meaning my dreams of setting up my wedding the day before were taken away and put onto Sam. I put my trust in him and he did a fantastic job with his ushers (all be it a lot more stressful than they anticipated). Letting go of that was hard for me.

My family were convinced I’d get really low after the wedding, but the thing is I was quite the opposite. For starters, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world, and secondly I had realised what I truly loved, and felt I could finally find a way to put my creative flair to good use. A few months later, after lots of  planning, brain storming and long nights trying to think of a name, Lulabee was finally born. The name symbolising a personal bespoke experience: Lula being one of my many abbreviated names, and bee a play on of ‘bespoke’  (as well as the future name for my puppy!).

Lulabee is a bespoke wedding stationery and decoration service. From 'save the dates' all the way through to post wedding thank you cards, gift boxes for your bridesmaids to prop hire and decoration displays, Lulabee is there for all the little details that go into a wedding - and trust me, the little details go a long way.

The fact that I am now able to help other brides who simply don’t have the time, or need a bit of inspiration with their wedding is like a dream come true. I am honestly living my dream job! I’m here to help and I love to make the ‘lulabee’ experience as personal as possible.

I’m not a huge franchise, I’m a small humble ‘one man band’ and I love it this way. I like to connect with my brides and know all about their special day. Setting up venues for Brides is so special to me, because it's something I longed for and missed out on, and now I get to do it for other people. I offer a delivery, set up and next day collection service and will travel as far you want me to go. I take away the stress and won’t leave until I am happy, you will be happy - this isn’t a conveyor belt service, it's a personal experience.

Thats enough of my story, I want to know and be a part of yours! I love everything about weddings and love how every single wedding I work on is different!. If you want a personal experience when it comes to wedding stationery, decoration, favours and even little gifts with a little artistic or rustic flare,  then I’m your girl!. Even if you have the idea in your mind, ask me. I make bespoke items too!.

Laura xx


Feel free to comment below and let me know if you felt inspired by Laura's LOVE story!



Venue: Wasing Park Reading, Berkshire.

Wedding Dress & Bridesmaid dresses: BAHBUA

Flowers: The White Horse Flower Company

Videographer: Adam Nicholas

Styling, decoration & stationery: Lulabee

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