Without a doubt PRONOVIAS BARCELONA designs the most beautiful and finest bridal gowns I've ever seen. And I swear, I don't say so because PRONOVIAS is a Spanish brand and I'm originally from that lovely country. No way, I say it because the brand is globally known, starting as a family business in Barcelona in 1922 and now the world's leader in bridal gowns (quite an achievement). And why? Well, because PRONOVIAS means quality and uniqueness. Because of its clean cut designs, its originality and its mastery with new and cutting edge fabrics.

Additionally, in Spain there is a sort of custom: When a bride-to-be starts looking for her wedding dress she will pop into a Pronovias store first. My mother got married in a beautiful pronovias dress, so did my aunt, lots of friends and probably will my sister (when the time comes :D). I'm writing a post about this 'custom' because I think it's very interesting, how a small family business turns into an international leading brand in this tough industry.

But let's talk about the fashion show and of course, about the dresses!

To start I have to tell you that 'Atelier' is the high-end collection of PRONOVIAS (Haute Couture), handmade dresses with an innovative design, sumptuous fabrics, sophisticated lines and delicate details.

The brand celebrated its new collection in the Oval Room of the Museu Nacional d’ Art de Catalunya (MNAC) in Barcelona with more than 2000 international guests. The theme, “Once Upon a Time” is inspired by fairytale princesses, creating designs with clean and pure lines, volume and impressive but delicate details. For this season, the Atelier Pronovias 2016 gowns have plunging fronts and backs, that fade into the body thanks to a sophisticated layering design in which nude colour crystal tulle fabrics come together to create an second-skin effect.

(video of the show at the end of the post)

Noble materials such as cotton pique, organza, crêpe, mikado and organza silk show their rich nuances, without leaving aside the company’s signature lace, with the additional proposal of chantilly lace as an alternative to crystal tulle. The collection is completed with tiaras and jewelled headdresses with over 300 hand-applied pieces in aged silver.

Some opinions by international guests who attended the show:

“Pronovias is not the same old-same old. Their gowns are different, figure-flattering, romantic and the lines are not fussy, which is important because with so many different body types, fit is key. Anyway, I’m definitely over fluff.” declared Aimée Pena, a one-store retailer and co-owner of Sweet Elegance Bridal.

“I love it; Pronovias always has that edge, it’s the highlight of the year. It’s innovative, stylish, very classy and everything is so well-coordinated, you get the feeling no expense has been spared. I particularly liked the understated styles and clean, simpler dresses. That is the freshest news, I think” said U.K. retailer Nicola Garton, second-generation owner of The Wedding Shop in Colchester, England.

So, time to see some images of the show:



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For further information visit PRONOVIAS BARCELONA website.

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