If we talk about the finest handcrafted wedding albums, we must talk about ©Queensberry wedding albums. Queensberry is a New Zealand based company, and they are indeed the best wedding album makers, with a worldwide reputation.

The first time I saw one of their wedding albums I was speechless by the care and quality they put in. In fact, I love the expression my clients have when they see their albums for the very first time in the first consultation. They are speechless too. They love the quality, the character and the uniqueness Queensberry wedding albums evoke.

First of all, they have been in the industry since 1969, developing the necessary experience to achieve their high quality standards.

You have to be aware that they don’t sell their products directly to the public, but to qualified professional photographers around the world. Therefore, if you are willing to own one of their marvellous wedding albums, you must get in touch with one of their approved photographers.


Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite one, and their signature wedding album. This type of album combine the tradition of matted pages and the modernity of the flushmount style. However, the icing on the cake is not just that they use “Kodak Endura Luster” photographic paper printed with silver halide technology, setting the standard for print longevity (100+ years), but also the multiple kinds of covers from different luxury materials. Our DUO album also includes the lovely transparent title page, a “photo frame & text cover motif”, a flip page and a wing page. Additionally they are presented in velvet bags inside the luxurious display box.


My second option is a classic transformed into something contemporary: The Overlay Matted albums. With their pages mounted in a overlay style (each picture is mounted behind a card frame, like a passepartout), the story of your wedding day is told realising the most romantic feeling. We can also choose between multiple choices: types of paper, white or black mats, white or black core pages, and different covers from different luxurious materials. Our OVERLAY album also includes the lovely transparent title page and a “text cover motif”. Additionally they are presented in velvet bags inside an album presentation box.


The third option is the most contemporary one, retaining the thick and durable pages sign of Queensberry. In this case the pages are un-matted and printed with the most modern technology, in a flush mount style. Our Flushmount album includes the lovely transparent title page and embossed tittles on the cover. Additionally they are presented in velvet bags.

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