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Collaborating with any publication is always such a privilege... however, when you see your work in a magazine such as Brides Magazine I always find myself speechless. If you do know me, you would know that all I want to do is to create something very special for them, for my couples. Something they hang on their walls with pride, something that they didn't expect. I do not think much about where my work is gonna end up except for their walls or their stunning Queensberry Albums. But sometimes, your work gets to places you couldn't imagine.

Last January, I had the privilege of being published in the printed issue of Brides Magazine and that was such an achievement for me. Tiffany & Paul's wedding was for sure different and unexpected (it was a surprise for all their guests - you can read more about it clicking here). Months later, did it again this time to the cover of the website at the same week The Royal Wedding was happening... 

But this time, seeing my wedding photos along the heading "The most amazing Same-Sex Wedding Photos is like... OMG! Are you serious?


Same-sex couples are very special to me... all my couples are obviously. However, I have suffered the same obstacles my gay couples have and I promise, sometimes that has had such an impact in my life and I do know they feel the same... they always have and will have a special place in my heart.  Since the beginning of my humble wedding photography business, I knew I wanted to photograph those stunning gay weddings and engagements and treat them how they deserve. Actually, you may know I don't like to make any distinctions between my straight and gay couples. I don't like to have separated sections on my website for them but unfortunately, that's not how Google works so I have to have separate sections which honestly is a bummer.

I also had to deal with unhappy people on my social media who spread some hate comments against my same-sex wedding photos. And to be honest, I don't care much about that... What made me mad in those situations was seeing some hate words next to an image of a couple madly in love, not because they were trying to say something negative of my photos but because I always think how my couples could feel if they read those comments next to their wedding or engagement photos. You know, you try to create something beautiful to commemorate the love between two human beings and then another individual (probably envying of what my couples share) goes and tries to knock them down just because they love each other. When that happens, two words of the beautiful English language come to my mind and when you put them together and say them out loud is like such a relieve! but obviously, two seconds later you think it twice and calm down... (wondering which words? come on, you do know ha!)

When I hear somebody saying that there's nothing more or not much to do or fight for regarding equality and LGBT rights I'm like... ok mate, yeah sure... (some sharcastic mood here :D). We might have achieved a lot regarding equality and law, giving gay couples the same rights straigh couples have but there's still a lot of work to do. There are still cases of homophobia nowadays and countries where you can be executed just for being in love... so please, never say that.

Anyway, let's not go that way, this post was supposed to be about something great! 


So, Brides Magazine contacted me as they wanted to showcase some same-sex weddings in order to celebrate London's Pride Week. They asked me to send them some images and I was like... ok, where do I have to sign? 😂. But to be honest what I only knew is that they would put together an article about same-sex wedding, that's it. But then, this morning when Lauren from Brides (million thanks to you Lauren if you're reading this) send me the link to the cover of the website and saw the title I was like... WHAT!?!?

The most amazing Same-Sex Wedding Photos



Barry and Chaz are such a special couple to me. I remember the day I met them very clearly. They were extremely excited and madly in LOVE. Their beautiful wedding at Wasing Park was colourful, full of joy and all their family members and friends were there to celebrate their love for sure! It was simply stunning. I cannot thank them enough for let me be part of their wedding day.

So, I'm afraid this is gonna be the end of this post but I don't wanna end it without thanking all of you. My second half, all of my couples, all of you who follow me on social media... without you, this couldn't be possible.

Let's celebrate LOVE, let's celebrate life without conditions, without prejudice. Let's be just humans.

Love, Manu xx

 Celebrating Gay Pride - London's Pride Week 2018


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