I'm sure many of you have watched this video as it went viral last week, but if you haven't you've got to press play right now. 

Jillian and Willman got married recently, but they decided not to do the typical first dance... well, to be fair I have to say that Willman is a magician so anything could happen! When the footage begins, they dance a choreography to the R&B classic “I put a spell on you.” (LOVE THE SONG!) But things take an interesting turn later on, when Willman seems to levitate, as he leans back and supports himself in mid-air, shocking the crowd. Cheers erupt from the wedding guests, and one particularly happy guest can't seem to get enough – he can be seen jumping out of his chair and waving his arms in amazement.

pd. Have you seen Jillian's wedding dress????? I'm speechless!

Enjoy the video!

Apple News Channel of Manu Mendoza Wedding Photography in Hampshire