Today, I’m gonna write about the online private area my couples get when they book me. It’s something very clever and simple. The online Private Area is the place where you will find everything you need for your wedding photography and the easiest way to access all the information, galleries, albums etc…


There are several areas to cover in your private area. Each of them has everything regarding your booking and process:


Definitely one of the most important sections of your private area. Here is where you will find the galleries for your engagement session and your wedding day. Clicking on each one will redirect you to the gallery where you will be able to see every single image or even share them to social media.

Once you’re viewing your online gallery you can click on any image to purchase prints such as my very popular matted prints. You just have to select the image and then select the type of print from the dropdown menu. You can even click on the “learn more button” to see a brief description of each product.

Additionally, your online gallery will be the place where you download your digital files. It’s very easy, you just have to click on the cloud icon on the top right corner of your screen and type your email address and the key I sent you after your viewing appointment. Minutes later, you will receive an email with the link to download all your files.



You can also order bundle items such as my Portfolio Folders which are an Alcantara leather folder containing 10 or 15 exquisite 14x10” matted prints. Portfolio folders are an alternative or complement to a wedding album or even an alternative for parent albums. Some of my couples prefer to gift matted prints with a portfolio to their parents instead of a parent album. You can select your Portfolio folder from the online gallery clicking on the top right button of your screen named “Order Items”. After you do that, the system will prompt you to select the images for your matted prints.

Another important part of your online gallery is the possibility of choosing your favourite images from your gallery. This is how you will select the images for your Queensberry Album (when your package includes one or when you buy one separately). It’s very easy… as you can see below you just have to click on the heart icon of the image you would like to include in your wedding album.


Here you will find (as you can imagine) all your invoices, orders and payment schedule. You will be able to make online payments right on your private area in this section and even print or save your order and invoices for your records.


All your appointments, sessions, consultations and where they are happening. Including for example your engagement session with the location you’ve chosen and approximate time for sunset (as you may know I only shoot engagements during sunset ☺️), your wedding details consultation where we will discuss your last minute changes days before your wedding day and your viewing appointment where you will see your wedding photos for the very first time.


Here is where you will see how your Queensberry Album will look like. The design process is really simple and easy. When you’ve chosen your favourite images for your wedding album in your online gallery, you will receive the first proof of your wedding album. This is the moment when you will use this section of your private area in order to see how your album will be with the cover you selected and the layout of the images. Then, right on this section you will be able to comment and make changes… for example if you change your mind about a particular image and you prefer to replace it with another one from your online gallery. The process is really simple, you just have to click on the image you would like to change and then click on the suggest replacement button on the pop-up window. Another window will open with all the images from your online gallery and you just have to select the one you want. Easy, right?. After you have made all the changes, you just have to click on the SEND button on the top right corner and the system will send me all the changes so I can design another proof for you.

When you’re happy with the design of your wedding album, you just have to let me know clicking on the APPROVE button on the top right corner of your screen. Done!


Questionnaires are such an important piece of information about your wedding day. They let me be prepared for everything happening during the day. On your private area you will find normally 2. One called “Engagement Session Details” and a second one named “Wedding Details Questionnaire”. The first is obviously about your engagement session. There you will able to specify your location for the engagement and details about how you would like to do it… for example if you’re bringing your children with you or how you would like to showcase your images at home after the engagement.

However, the most important one is the “Wedding Details Questionnaire”. You will get a reminder in order to fill it out 45 days before your wedding date. You don’t have to complete it before because it’s probable that many things can change before that timeframe. I recognise it’s a very long questionnaire, but you have to keep in mind that the more I know about your wedding day, your families and what’s important to you the better job I will do and the more prepared I will be.

You don’t have to fill it out in one go, you can fill out part of it, submit it and then come back to your questionnaire when you decide. The only thing is that you have to have your questionnaire completed at least on the same day we’re having the “Pre-wedding chat”. This is normally a FaceTime/Skype where we go through all your answers to see if something has changed and also a great opportunity to let me know about something you forgot to let me know.

Some questions you will find in your questionnaire are for example: Who are the most important family members and friends to you? This kind of questions let me focus on those persons during your wedding day. Also, you will find questions regarding important details such as for example if you’re wearing a very important thing like jewellery your grandma wore… letting me know about this little details is essential because if you’ve mentioned it I will photograph it. Regarding little details, jewellery and decor… I usually photograph every single piece I think it’s important to you both but letting me know in advance is the best way to ensure it will be photographed.

Also in your questionnaire, you will find a section about the Family Formals or Group Photos. Here you will be able to select from the traditional ones ( Bride & Groom, Bride & her mother etc…) and then add custom ones.


This is where you will find all your contact details. You can easily change this info in case for example you moved by just clicking on the edit button.


This section contains the wedding contract you signed during your booking proposal stage. You can, of course, download it or print it to keep a record of it.

In the contract you will find everything included in the wedding photography package (Experience is the way I prefer to call it) such as Queensberry Album, number of hours of coverage during the wedding day, Parent Albums etc…)

Finally, you can see the payment schedule of your contract. the deposit paid the moment you booked and the final payment a month before your wedding date.


Normally, you will find here the Copyright Release for personal use after your viewing appointment. This document could be helpful if you go to a lab to print your images. Some professional labs will ask you for this document so they know you have the right to print the images. A Copyright Release will be always included when your package includes your digital files. You can, of course, download it or print it easily directly from your private area.

And that’s it. As you can see is very helpful to have everything regarding your wedding photography in one place instead of having dozens of emails with links. This way I make sure everything is properly organised and make your life and wedding planning a little bit easier.

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to send me an email or contact me.


Manu xx

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